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Healthy Feet

You walk, dance hike, play and run on them. They are subject to high heels, steel toed boots and pointy toes, jumped on, hammered on cement & over used. No wonder they hurt. These treatments are not your run of the mill pedicure.


Serenity Spa Pedicures

You will begin your pedicure in a private room where the outside world is miles away. The luxurious pedicure with results! Begin by bathing your feet in a wash that wakes up the senses for perfect cleansing without the dryness, followed by nail grooming and exfoliation to remove calloused skin. A massage of the feet and legs helps you relax followed by a warm paraffin booties. Finish off with polish, clear or buff to a natural shine. Your feet will thank you! Priced at $55.00.



Experience foot heaven...your experience will begin with foot soak to remove toxins and swelling, then a glorious foot massage and finished with a paraffin foot treatment. One hour. Priced at $60.00.